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Aug 29 2016 The Legion Comes
written by Kozgugore

The Legion Comes

Smouldering embers, broken infernals, dead orcs and broken structures: the Burning Legion had made its mark on Splintertree Post following the short yet brutal siege they laid to it and its occupants. Where the orcs of the Red Blade thought they had slowly gained the upper hand in warding off the demon threats lurking in the northern forests, a sudden yet decisive strike ended any and all notion of that. They fought tooth and nail to ensure the Post would remain standing, but they did so at a price. The entire attack turned out to be one big, elaborate distraction which allowed infiltrating Satyrs to sneak in through the back and pillage through their supplies.

The worst of it all, however? It was not even the supplies they were after. In the thick of the battle, they came for but a single item that was in the orcs’ possession, and the defending forces learned too late before the demons and their ilk could make off with it: the prized Scepter of the Shaman-king. For many years, it had been in the tribe’s possession since they recovered it from other sinister forces, but the ancient relic of Clan Redblade had once again fallen in nefarious hands. There was no telling what neither demon nor Satyr would possibly desire the scepter for, but one thing was certain: whatever the scepter’s purpose was, it would no doubt serve as a catalyst for their own, evil gains. It was too late to pursue the thieves in the wake of the devastating attack, however. The culprits had long fled, and in their hubris, there was but a single clue that they left behind that pointed to its destination: the Broken Isles.

Battered and bruised, the Red Blade tribe prepared to make way back to Orgrimmar. What was hoped to be a quick retreat, turned out to be an arduous journey back into the relative safety of Orgrimmar’s walls, however. Every area surrounding the great warrior city was under severe attack from the Legion – the very city itself under heavy siege without a single reprieve. Even upon their timely return, having fought their way through the siege line in a daring advance, there was no rest for the wicked. A counter attack had to be made upon the Broken Isles – the center of the Legion’s power – and the demonic taint forever cleansed from the face of Azeroth. For the Red Blade tribe, there was a personal score to settle as well, however. With the Scepter of the Shaman-king taken, it would be a dishonour upon the tribe’s name to allow it to remain in demonic hands. Moreover, its former keeper, True Blood Sadok Sharptongue, had fallen to the demons’ fires. He was the first of no doubt many more deaths to come. It would be a heavy price the tribe, the Horde and indeed the entirety of Azeroth would have to pay to see the demonic forces gone for good, if such a thing were ever possible to even begin with.

It is in the face of these dire times that new heroes and leaders alike must stand up to carry the banner of the Red Blade forward into the fires of hell itself. As ships are sent out into the maw of the beast to cull this threat for good, so too do the Red Blades set sail for the Broken Isles to avenge the fallen, regain their honour and, most important of all, to fight for a worthy future for generations to come. For peace and prosperity. For death and glory. For the Horde. And for the Blood of the Tribe.

OOC information:

World of Warcraft: Legion has at long last come, and as is common with every single new expansion by now, Orcs of the Red Blade strives to make the best and full use of everything all of the new content has to offer! Through a chain of introductory events, the stage has been set for the tribe’s upcoming Legion plot, which will provide for yet another countless amount of stories, developments, characters and drama alike throughout the months to come! To ensure both new and present members know what the stakes are, you can read the introduction to the Legion plot above. Below, however, you will find all the OOC information you will need to know in order to be up to date for what to expect these coming weeks!

As with every new expansion, we are going to allow our members to take their time to explore all the new expansion content without having to worry about missing out on any RP experiences throughout the initial urge to explore the new zones and level up. To this end, we will have a two-week hiatus from official guild events following the initial release of Legion. That doesn’t mean RP will cease to exist, however!

As the tribe embarks to set sail for the Broken Isles, the storms and tides of the Maelstrom will split the tribe and its several ships up, initially scattering the tribe as they land upon the shores of the Broken Isles. Those who desire to continue on RPing, be it by themselves or with companions both in and outside the guild, will be quite welcome to continue to do so before the tribe eventually manages to come back together in the third week of Legion’s release. The tribe’s official landing location, and therefore place of rendezvous, will be the area of Highmountain. So you will know where to make your way towards when the time has come for the tribe to continue its arduous adventure into the Broken Isles together!

We hope to be able to welcome you all again when that time comes. Until our RP campaign continues, you can be certain that there will be plenty of people in the guild around to share new experiences with and to explore Legion’s content together with, should you so choose to. Not only is the end of the world a good time to rise up and become a hero, but so too is it to make new friends for life!

For the Blood of the Tribe!

written by Kozgugore

Member Spotlight: Kargnar


The last remaining member of our current officer team who still awaiting his very own spotlight is none other than Kargnar Bloodpaw! As one of the oldest of the currently presiding Elders of the tribe, he's sure to have seen his share of adventures and experiences within the guild and its history! Time to see what stories he has to share with us! As a little extra, he also just so happens to be the tribe's number-one Rrosh-tul, so who knows he might even give away a few tips and pieces of advice on how to be moulded into one of the best fighters of the tribe!

So, what can you tell us about your first memories with the tribe?

Oh boy that's quite far back. I think my first memories with the tribe at least when it it comes to RP were back in 2011 when I joined on my shaman Grogok Stormbreaker (who I still have, and he is still a New Blood of the tribe) and I had an interview with Kozgugore. I was entirely new to Defias Brotherhood, with Grogok being my first character on that server. While I was getting that initial spam of join this guild or join that guild, I spotted an orc Death Knight called Groshnakk, and because the guild name she was in sounded rather much like the name of an RP guild, I started asking her questions about the guild and what it was like. After I think ten minutes of me asking billions of questions, she told me about the website, and from there I read everything I had access to as a new user on the forum, made and application and got an interview

That's quite some time ago! Now, five years later, you're still with us, albeit as a different character. Were there any differences that you noticed in the way you RPed in general or with the tribe, playing as a different orc or class?

Both yes and no. There were and still are quite a huge difference between how I RPed back then and how I RP now, most of which stemmed from my young age and lack of experience when it came to RP in general at the time, rather than the choice of orc and class. With Grogok I tried to play an orc who was very much like Thrall: diplomatic, friendly and wise. But my lack of actual knowledge and lack of experience in RP made that very hard for me, which ended up with me generally staying away and in the end making a warrior instead. It took me three attempts for the warrior. The first two ended rather catastrophic, with several OOC and IC clashes with members and officers of the tribe, but as I grew older and more mature, the idea for Kargnar came. And that has so far turned out really well.

That's quite the little detour to where you are now! What was it that encouraged you to keep on coming back, both the guild as well as orc RP in general?

It was actually the community within the guild. It wasn't as much the RP, although that is certainly a part of what I enjoy about the guild, but it were the people. Whenever I took a break, either because the game had nothing to offer besides RP, or because of clashes with people (which in a way sometimes happened both) I started missing the atmosphere that is in our OOC channel and the general friendliness that are between the players, both IC and OOC, after a while. In a way I suppose you can say I have become addicted to the guild and its people. No matter how much I tried in the past, in the end I would always return.

Throughout all of those years, you have made your way up to the top of the rank ladder as a Rrosh-tul of the tribe. Is this something you had always hoped or intended for one of your characters to be? Is there anything you would recommend to others, who might want to play a similarly big role in the tribe themselves one day?

When I first began RPing with the tribe, I actually wanted to become an Elder, To me they were persons worthy of respect, they seemed to me as the actual heart and soul of the tribe. But due to the way I was at the time, that wasnever going to happen and in the end I sort of let go of the idea. So when I made Kargnar, I had no actual ambition OOCly. Sure, ICly Kargnar wanted to prove himself, and practically rushed through the tasks he was given, but there was no actual end goal for him in mind. I was more than happy to just see where it all went. When the officer team asked for people that wanted to join them, it was more of a spur of the moment decision rather than anything I had worked towards, and as such I was actually quite surprised when I found out I had been picked, in part because of how I had been in the past. It was nice to see that the officers were willing to look past that, and look at how I was now. As for what to recommend to others that want to join the officer team someday, I have a few things. First of all, don't rush towards it, but rather enjoy the journey. Plan your own events, be friendly and helpful towards both older and newer members both IC and OOC. That is what we as officers look for when thinking of who would be a good addition to the team. It ain't about how long you have been in the tribe, but more what you do for others in terms of creating RP and contributing to a generally friendly community.

Speaking as one of the more 'veteran' officers who's around right now, are there any specific challenges that you find yourself facing as a guild officer?

Well, an ever present challenge as officers is creating RP, especially in times as now where we are between expansions and having been given such a weak expansion as we did with WoD. Hopefully, however, Legion will help us a lot when it shows up. Another thing that sometimes take some time to deal with, is when or if there are some trouble within the guild, for example two people having an OOC fight. What I like the most myself, is to plan events and see and receive feedback to become better, and generally interacting with the members.

Having said that, are there any events or random kind of RP that you've so far enjoyed the most?

That is a rather hard question, because there are so many memorable events that I over the years have spent time on. Some of the ones I remember most were the RP-PvP events we had on Defias Brotherhood, led by Rargnasha, Gnash or our ever courageous leader Kozgugore. But I also love our Kosh'harg events, even more so now that I know how much work there is put into it to make it succesful. I love all kind of random RP. The very fact that it is random is what makes it so nice, because as an officer now, I almost always have an idea what will happen at events. With random RP though, it can go any of a million ways.

Lastly, any big plans in the pipeline for you or your character? How do you see your future with the guild and WoW in general?

No big plans for either me or my character, no. I prefer more to react to what happens, rather than force something to happen for my char. I am rather fine with where he is a the moment, but who knows what might happen now that we are going to get invaded by the Legion in the biggest attack ever made by them. For my future in the guild, all I can say is that I look forward to it, and that I have some ideas for fun stuff for the guild. That is all still a secret though, so I won't say more than: if and when I am done with the planning, it will be a lot of fun. So look forward to it.

written by Kozgugore

Trailer Throwback Tuesday

While one would think we're slowly running out of trailers to showcase, there are in fact some very old clips of the good, old tribal life taken as far back as ten years ago! One such example is this little movie, once made by former Red Blade Yorla. Though primarily just made for fun, it still showcases the tribe from a time long forgotten in a - to say the least - fun and playful way. See how many old faces you can recognize!

written by Kozgugore

Member Spotlight: Kogra

This month in the member spotlight, we have Kogra Windwatcher! As Alpha of the Gosh'kar, she's slowly been working her way up in the ranks and might soon even find herself in the venerable position of the tribe's Thur'ruk! As a result, we have three orcs in a row belonging to the Path of Wisdom that are being featured in the Member Spotlight. Perhaps the path is on to something, with its consistently active and reliable members? Read on, however, and you'll find that Kogra has plenty of different experiences from both Rhonya and Srelok as both a person as well as an orc!

To start off, what can you tell us about your first encounter with the guild? Any particular first memories that you can recall?

My first encounter with the guild I cannot truly recall. This must've been somewhere during Cataclysm but that was only on an OOC basis due to the ganking going on and there was this pact going on between the guilds to help each other out.

My first RP experience with people from the guild, however, would be me having to RP a sibling of Grogona due to her venturing to Nagrand for some journey. The true intent of that journey I cannot recall. All I remember was that it was some extremely amusing RP involving several members of the guild that were asked to act according to a script that was written down. I do not know whether it was the fact that we were also on Skype at the time, or the fact that everything was planned already, but the whole session spiraled out of control with us laughing about it on Skype.

Several years later some of the guild members decided to venture to the Netherlands and attend Castlefest. With me knowing Rhonya already, she dragged me into you crazy lot and forced me to socialize, the terror! But all jokes aside, I got to meet several people on that joyous occasion and they piqued my interest to join ORB and so I did.

Sounds like we partially have Rhonya and Grogona to thank for your present-day activity then! Are there any other particular members that you feel contributed to you staying for as long as you have so far? Any other particularly memorable plot-lines or campaigns, perhaps?

I think that Rhonya and Grogona, and the people that I met on Castlefest which reveals another big name for the guild namely Sadok, are the people to blame that you have to suffer from my presence initially. But if it were not for the community itself that is the guild, I would have been long gone. I don't think that there are certain people that have me stay in the guild but the entirety of the guild instead.

As for memorable moments or plot-lines, I think that the one that has made the most impact on me would be the assault on the Dark Portal. I think that it was a glorious time RP-wise due to the sacrifice that the tribe was about to make for the greater good. Of course they did not perish during their suicidal assault, which kind of contradicts the purpose, but I still think that this has been one of the more memorable moments within the tribe.

A close second would be the plot that we had together with the Hand of Agony in the Southern Barrens with the dreaded Razorfen Downs Syndrome. A lovely campaign with a lot of foreshadowing and the cooperation between orcs and their forsaken allies.

Speaking of campaigns, it's no secret that you've recently begun to take more of a pro-active role within the guild in organising a few events here and there and helping the officer team. How do you see your character fit into all this? What is it that moulded Kogra from the orc that she was since the day she joined the tribe, and in what ways?

Character progression is what makes RP fun and since the first day I've RPed Kogra, she has gone through a lot of progression. When first she joined she was very timid and unsure of what she could do herself. This changed once she started to get to know more of the tribe's people. The insecurity that she had diminished over time as she found that more people started to believe in her abilities. And now she is the Alpha of the Gosh'kar.

At this moment she realises that many of her superiors have stepped down and gone missing and has to step up. Especially since she is basically the right hand of Srelok at this moment. She tries to live up to that position by taking the lead in some of the tribal matters, but is not always as confident as she should be.

On the topic of character progression, do you have any advice for any fellow roleplayers?

Never make too many plans about your character. I personally find it more entertaining to see how certain things develop themselves. I also think that you have a more natural flow of development then.

Often enough I also find that things that happen in RP are applicable in real life. So I suppose that you should also take lessons from the things that you encounter in the digital world and put those to good use in the other world (not Azeroth, nor Draenor). It is how I started to combat my social anxiety and look where I am now. In a way, I think all characters are a reflection of the person behind them in some way or the other. Kogra is no different. There are quite a few similarities, albeit some are a slight exaggeration from mine such as the selflessness, patience, and secrets that have yet to be revealed.

Secrets? So Kogra's story is still unfinished in your mind, then?

I personally believe that the story is finished once the final page has been written. This page could contain the epilogue of the adventure, the death of a character, or sometimes even what he or she brings from beyond the veil of death. Kogra's story is not over, nor do I think that it will come soon but I could be mistaken in that.

With Legion coming up, we will just have to see, no? With hell breaking loose (again) and a demon invasion upon us (again), who knows what we may find? With a new area to explore I am sure that we will find enough things to do and new plots to discover, be these guild wide or personal.

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